cMT-HDMI Product Introduction As a newest member in the cMT Series, cMT-HDMI has inherits all the rich HMI functionality found in the series. Without touchscreen and LCD, this HDMI-enabled unit can work with screens of any size, so that screen size is no longer limited by the HMIs provided on the market. It can also …

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EasyAccess2.0 Online Customer Service

EasyAccess2.0 Online Customer Service Since the launch of EasyAccess2.0 in 2015, the number of active users is continuously growing every year. With EasyAccess2.0, users don’t need to spend time on router setup, and can easily access remote HMI or PLC by simple computer settings. EasyAccess2.0 received very positive feedback from the market because through its …

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A Next Generation Solution – HMI+CODESYS+I/O Module

A Next Generation Solution – HMI+CODESYS+I/O Module Product Introduction cMT3090 with built-in CODESYS is a high-performance HMI in compliance with IEC 61131-3 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) standard. Combining cMT3090+CODESYS with iR Series I/O Modules delivers a new generation solution that achieves a more compact and flexible architecture. cMT3090+CODESYS is a product that integrates high-performance cMT …

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