Dashboard and EasyAccess 2.0
Remote monitoring with synchronization and visualization of field data to help managers gain insight into their operations anytime, anywhere.

Perfect for...

Meanwhile, save on..

Simple & Easy

Data to cloud
HMI data is sent to the cloud after a simple, foolproof setup on the Weincloud website and in EasyBuilder Pro.

Dashboard customization
Create your own Dashboard with the intuitive drag and drop editor with all the widgets you could ever need.

Monitoring with a browser
Monitor all of your devices from anywhere in the world simply by opening a browser on your PC or other device.

Dashboard at a Glance

Security & Safety

Data Encryption
SSL/TLS encryption ensures the safety of data transmission, whether it is for web access or inter-device communication..

Data Retention
Data retention feature ensures data completeness in
the event of network connection issue.

Everything Under Control

Get connected and obtain insight within 5 minutes with the cross-platform remote access service that does not require any complicated firewall or router setup.

Monitoring to maintenance: all taken care of!

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