A major HMI upgrade that not only retains features of the predecessors but also integrates OT with the IIoT.


  • Retains all key features of the predecessors.
  • Supports more than 300 major PLC drivers. / Excellent computation and communication capability.  
  • EasyAccess 2.0 provides remote HMI Management and pass-through capacities.
  • Revamped Web interface allows for HMI screen access and log viewing with only a web browser, plus enhanced security with encrypted data transmission.
  • The enhanced CPU/GPU power of the quad-core processor ensures smooth operation of HMI project without delay, even with CODESYS running at the same time.
  • HMI Program+PLC communication and CODESYS+ I/O module control runs on independent cores of the multi-core CPU, a cutting-edge proprietary technology.
  • Built-in OPC UA Client / Server, certified by the OPC foundation. 
  • Modbus TCP/IP facilitates seamless integration with field devices.
  • MQTT protocol, providing standard implementation as well as easy Cloud IoT tool integration with AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Database feature supports MySQL and MS SQL systems, making applications like centralized recipe management or ERP integration feasible.

cMT X Series Standard HMI's

cMT X Series Advanced HMI's

Advanced Features Include:
PLC Web Browser, CAN Bus, Siemens MPI, Barcode Scanner, Energy Demand, OPC UA Server, Database Server, SQL Query and more

cMT X Series Accessories

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