Operator Interfaces & HMI Touchscreen Panels

cMTX Series

cMTX HMI Operator Interfaces
The cMTX Series offers a major HMI upgrade that not only retains features of the predecessors (cMT Series) but also integrates OT with the IIoT.

cMT Series

cMT HMI Operator Interfaces
The cMT series provides HMI devices with flexible and efficient Client / Server architecture. The SMART HMI are equipped with LED TFT displays (9,7” and 15”) with 1024 x 768 pixel.

eMT Series

eMT Series Graphic Touchscreen Displays
The eMT series utilizes a high-speed 600/800 MHz microprocessor with an outstanding data processing architecture. Available with 7″, 10.4″, 12.1″ and 15″ displays.

iE Series

MT8000iE Series Graphic Touchscreen Displays
Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 600 MHz CPU, The MT8000iE Series performs fast booting speed and JPEG display speed, and also greatly improves the communication speed between HMI and PLC. Dual Ethernet ports allows you to set up WAN/LAN or two different LAN/LAN network configurations. (MT8073iE).

iP Series

iP Series – Upgraded HMI 
The iP Series is a compact HMI product that shows outstanding performance compared to the i Series. Thanks to software upgrade to EasyBuilder Pro, iP Series brings unprecedented user experience.

XE Series

MT8000XE Series Graphic Touchscreen Displays
The MT8000XE Series are equipped with powerful Cortex A8 1GHz CPU. The XE Series sets benchmark records of HMI performance, such as booting speed, JPEG file display speed, and speed of PLC data read/write. Greatly improves graphics performance and database operation efficiency. Dual Ethernet ports allow you to set up WAN/LAN or two different LAN/LAN network configurations. (MT8092XE)

Faceless HMI

cMT Series Faceless HMI
The cMT series Faceless HMI provides HMI devices with flexible and efficient Client / Server architecture. The SMART HMI are provide the HMI functionality without  the LED TFT displays.

cMT Series Touchscreen Monitor

The cMT-iM21 is a touchscreen monitor designed for industrial applications. Equipped with HDMI video input, Full HD display and 21.5″ large screen, this touchscreen monitor product is able to display UI and data with clarity. While it weighs 4.9kg, it has an aluminum enclosure, 6H anti-scratch tempered glass surface, and NEMA4/IP65 protection structure ensure that cMT-iM21 will serve as a monitoring assistant in industrial environments.

Sleek Series

SLEEK Series Industrial Monitors
KEP’s SLEEK line of industrial Flat Panel Monitors (FPMs) are designed with a slim case and packed with features. The industrial-grade TFT LCD display includes a resistive touch screen. All of our industrial monitor FPMs are designed for factory floor environments and can withstand high temperatures, vibration, dirt and dust. The aluminum die casting enclosure provides front bezel sealing to NEMA4/IP65 specifications. The slim design and affordable pricing make the SLEEK series the ideal choice for any industrial monitor application especially those where space is at a premium and rugged durability and good looks are required.

Next Gen FPM

Next Gen FPM Industrial LCD Monitors
KEP’s Next Gen industrial monitors are panel mount LCD monitors with a built in touchscreen. Each Next Gen FPM industrial monitor features an industrial-grade LCD flat panel. These LCD displays are bright and clear making them easy to see. Next Gen FPM industrial monitors are designed specifically for harsh environments. 

KEPlite Series

Sunlight Readable Monitors for Outdoor and Industrial Environments

1600 Nits Sunlight Readable LCD9~36V DC input
IP65 Waterproof
Resistive Touch Support
Optical Bonded
-10°C~55+°C Wide Operation Temperature
EN60945 Approved
Long Life, Low Power Consumption LED Backlight

IIoT Gateways

IIoT Gateways – cMT G Series
Outstanding data processing and communication ability facilitate integration of different brands of PLCs with protocol standards like OPC UA / MQTT / Modbus TCP/IP.

iR Series

Remote I/O – Digital, CANOpen, MODBUS TCP/IP I/O Modules
The iR Series I/O module  uses couplers that support different bus systems: CANopen or MODBUS TCP/IP, this modularized system is compatible with most existing control systems. 

Industrial Pointing Devices

Trackballs, Touchpads & Joysticks
We offer high quality trackballs, touchpads & joysticks for various industrial applications, indoor and outdoor, such as public access- and information kiosks or terminals, navigation control, processing industry and many others.

Industrial Keyboards

Keyboards & Keyboard/Pointing Device Combos
Our tough industrial keyboards are designed for operation in harsh conditions.  They must  be protected against water, dust, dirt, oil and chemicals  They are common in HMI (Human Machine Interface) terminals, consoles, kiosks, medical carts and mobile devices and can be cleaned with industrial cleaners and chemicals. 

HMI Mobile & Remote Solutions

cMT Viewer, EasyAccess2.0

MMI Series

MMI Series Message Centers 
Message centers with 2 or 4 line displays & operator interfaces with data access and user programmable function keys.


PLC Accessories: Printers, Access Cards  and BCD Switches

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