cMT Viewer

Multiple cMT Viewer Clients

  • A cMT-SVR can be operated by three mobile devices simultaneously, and by Account Management in EasyBuilder, user accounts and access privileges can be managed properly.

One cMT Viewer Client, Multiple cMT-SVRs

  • One cMT Viewer client can connect to operate up to 253 cMT-SVRs, and 3 of the connected cMT-SVRs can be set as hot projects for instant switch in operation.

Break with Tradition Embrace the Trend

  • Through the integration of mobile devices and EasyBuilder, cMT Viewer, requiring no additional learning, break the public image of traditional HMI operation. By multi-touch-gesture-enabled Trend Display, Data Display, etc., you can immediately experience fluid and vivid visualization as well as the most intuitive HMI operation.
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