Product Introduction

As a newest member in the cMT Series, cMT-HDMI has inherits all the rich HMI functionality found in the series. Without touchscreen and LCD, this HDMI-enabled unit can work with screens of any size, so that screen size is no longer limited by the HMIs provided on the market. It can also allow touch control via USB connection, which can be, for example, an industrial touchscreen display with USB interface, or a USB mouse. The size of it, compatible to one’s palm, makes it well suited in any corner of site.

cMT-HDMI is also suitable for Andon system. It can collect equipment and quality management data from the production line, process the data, and then send visualization and sound to a large screen monitor via HDMI, allowing real-time monitoring and control for onsite operators.

cMT-HDMI provides built-in support for remote monitoring. By running cMT Viewer application on cMT-iV5, smartphones, tablets, or PC, operators are able to remotely monitor a cMT-HDMI. In addition, this feature-rich model also supports smartphone as barcode scanner, multimedia player, and IP camera viewer. By providing powerful connectivity, including the de-facto IIoT protocol standards: MQTT and OPC UA, direct connection with database, and more than 300 communication protocols, cMT Series is poised to meet various types of integration needs.


cMT-HDMI Product Features

  • Built-in HDMI Interface and Customizable Resolution
    Users are free to customize the resolution that is most suitable for the device; HDMI interface, easily converted to DVI/VGA with any adaptor.
  • Industrial Touchscreen Display Support
    Via USB interface, cMT-HDMI can work with most industrial touchscreen monitors on the market. (The list of  tested models is available in EasyBuilder Pro )
  • High Performance
    Dual-Core Cortex-A9 1GHz CPU, built-in 4GB Flash and 1GB RAM.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
    10.5~28VDC that is compatible with most controller systems.
  • Powerful Connectivity
    Supports more than 300 major brands of PLCs and controllers.
  • IIoT Protocol Support
    Built-in MQTT server & client, and support direct connection with Amazon Aws IoT, which eliminates the need for hosting an MQTT server and allows connecting with low-cost and reliable AWS IoT MQTT server.
  • Rich I/O
    Dual-Ethernet, USB Host 2.0, COM1: RS-232/COM2: RS-485 2W/4W/COM3: RS-485 2W

Explore More
– cMT-HDMI datasheet

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