Free Trial of EasyAccess 2.0

Year 2016 will soon come to an end. No time to take a vacation? Still stuck with factory machines? Then you got to try Weintek EasyAccess2.0! With EasyAccess2.0, you can easily connect and monitor the remote HMI, even though it’s in the far far away kingdom!

Good news…Free trial of EasyAccess 2.0 is available online!! Below steps will show you how to get free trial.

Step 1: Register in Domain System

Go to, click “Create Domain Account” and fill out the required fields. Check your mailbox for a confirmation email and click the confirmation link to complete the registration.

Step 2: Devices → HMI List → Add HMI


Step 3: Choose 30 days free trial and enter hardware key


Step 4: Enjoy free trial of EasyAccess

Using Weintek EasyAccess 2.0 makes remote access easier.
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