EasyAccess2.0 Online Customer Service

Since the launch of EasyAccess2.0 in 2015, the number of active users is continuously growing every year. With EasyAccess2.0, users don’t need to spend time on router setup, and can easily access remote HMI or PLC by simple computer settings. EasyAccess2.0 received very positive feedback from the market because through its “Push Notification” and “Pass Through” functions, users can solve remote machine problems immediately.

To provide better user experience, Weintek recently launched EasyAccess2.0 Online Customer Service. Users are now able to contact Weintek RD team instantly for troubleshooting.

Where to Find EasyAccess2.0 Online Customer Service?

1. On the Main Page of EasyAccess2.0 Domain Website



2. EasyAccess2.0 APP


Online Customer Service Time

09:00 ~ 18:00 (UTC+08:00), Monday ~ Friday.


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