KEP offers a wide range of PLC operator interface products for automation applications.  More description to follow including targeted keywords…

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iE Series

MT8000iE Series Graphic Touchscreen Displays 
Equipped with powerful Cortex A8 600 MHz CPU, The MT8000iE Series performs fast booting speed and JPEG display speed, and also greatly improves the communication speed between HMI and PLC. Dual Ethernet ports allows you to set up WAN/LAN or two different LAN/LAN network configurations. (MT8073iE).

XE Series

MT8000XE Series Graphic Touchscreen Displays
The MT8000XE Series are equipped with powerful Cortex A8 1GHz CPU. The XE Series sets benchmark records of HMI performance, such as booting speed, JPEG file display speed, and speed of PLC data read/write. Greatly improves graphics performance and database operation efficiency. Dual Ethernet ports allow you to set up WAN/LAN or two different LAN/LAN network configurations. (MT8092XE).

iP Series

iP Series Upgraded HMI Displays in Every Aspect
“Intuitively Easy on Innite Innovations” is the motto that drives our RD Team towards sustainable development, placing our HMI on the leading edge. The iP Series is a compact HMI product that shows outstanding performance compared to the iE Series. Thanks to software upgrade to EasyBuilder Pro, the iP Series brings unprecedented user experience.

eMT Series

eMT Series Graphic Touchscreen Displays 
The eMT series utilizes a high-speed 600/800 MHz microprocessor with an outstanding data processing architecture. Available with 7″, 10.4″, 12.1″ and 15″ displays. 

cMT HMI Operator Interfaces

The cMT Series offers 4 HMI solutions:

  • cMT-SVR – a machine to tablet (iPad, Android, cMT-iV5) interface
  • cMT-iV5 – an industrial HMI tablet
  • cMT3151 – a HMI panel with 15″ XGA TFT Display
  • cMT-iPC15 – a Panel PC with 15″ XGA TFT Display

HMI Mobile & Remote Solutions

We offer advanced mobile and remote solution including cMT Viwer app for cMT-iV5, iOS and Android Tablets, EasyAccess 2.0 to access and manage your remote HMI or PLC from anywhaere and mTV-100 a machine to TV interface.

FPM - Flat Panel Monitors

FPM Industrial Monitors including Next Gen Rugged Monitors, Legacy Flat Panel Monitors, Sunlight Readable Monitors and Marine Monitors. 

Message Centers

MMI Series Message Centers
Message centers with 2 or 4 line displays & operator interfaces with data access anduser programmable function keys. 

SMIC - Smart Interface Cables

For MMI-1xx and MMI-2xx Series Message Centers
The SMIC cable is designed for connecting MMI Series Message Centers to a PLC. 

BCD Input LED Displays

7 Segment LED Slave Displays 
BCD to 7 segment LED displays. The S12 display accepts full parallel BCD or multiplexed inputs. 

PLC Accessories

BCD Thumbwheel Switches & Accessories 
PLC Accessories BCD Thumbwheel & Rotary Switches and Handheld, Tabletop and Panel Mount  Printers

Keyboards & Trackballs

Many Accessory Products Available

  • Enclosures
  • Power Supplies
  • Amplifiers
  • Printers
  • Mounting Kits
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