PLC Web Browser Features:

  • Supporting HTTPS, HTML5 – PLC Web Browser supports HTTPS and most HTML5 webpages.
  • Flexible Browsing Tool – PLC Web Browser provides browsing tool buttons such as previous / next page, zoom in / out, and return to homepage…etc. In addition, browser control is integrated with HMI, meaning that it is possible to implement features such as page navigation, URL bookmarking, instant URL update, or automatic page change…etc, through control by registers.
  • Customizable Execution Mode – PLC Web Browser, being a screen object, can be displayed and run along with other screen elements on HMI, but it can also be flexibly designed as a Kiosk mode (full screen) application in EasyBuilder Pro.
Information: Supported models, software / OS versions, and limitations related
to PLC Web Browser are shown in the table below.






EasyBuilder Pro V6.05.01 or later

EasyBuilder Pro V6.05.02 or later


20200723 or later

20201202 or later


1.     Not supported on devices with CODESYS activated.

2.   Displaying a relatively complex web page using PLC Web Browser may occupy excessive memory. When this happens, the system will automatically stop PLC Web Browser to ensure normal operation of other features on HMI.


cMT X Series Advanced HMI's

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