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Industrial waterproof panel mount trackballs

8 standard panel mount versions of the TSX50 range
Front panel mount version with studs
Front panel mount with holes for countersunk M4 screws (not included).

Choice of switches:
IP65 pushbutton switches or IP68 short travel switches.

Choice of carrier plate:
Blank stainless steel carrier or matte blackened stainless steel carrier.

Technical specifications
Sealing : IP68 waterproof
Carrier plate : brushed stainless steel
Ball diameter : 50,8 mm (2”)
Ball material : polyester
Lifetime : >= 2 million ball revolutions
Tracking force : nom. 50 grams
Output : PS/2 & USB Combo
Cable : 1 shielded, straight 1,6 m long
Operating temperature range : -10°C to +60°C
Storage temperature range : -25°C to +80°C
Dimensions / weight: 100 x 116 x 50 mm / 0,6 kg

These combo PS/2 & USB trackball units have a 1,6 meter long shielded straight cable ended by a USB type A plug. An adaptor to PS/2 is added. No special device driver is needed, use standard available drivers of your operating system. other standard trackball versions of TSX50 range

Desktop trackball : see TSX50S

IEC 60945 marine certification : see TSX50-M


  • 50 mm optical trackball – vandal proof
  • IP68 sealed
  • Removable top for easy cleaning of bal compartment
  • 8 versions in blank or black coated stainless steel
  • Stainless steel carrier and switches
  • Front panel mounting (holes or studs)
  • Combo PS/2 & USB output


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