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Self-draining trackball

This unit consists of a 50mm infra-red optical trackball with removable ball and adjustable tracking force, with self-draining and flush through options and with three IP67 rated push button switches.
The whole is mounted on a blackened stainless steel carrier plate and supplied with a silicone sponge sealing the unit onto the customers’ panel.
Above features make this trackball unit best suited for extreme dusty environments where cleaning and/or flush through with clear water is required for optimum functionality (f.i. aggressive dust like cement dust, etc..) or for salty water environments (f.i. naval navigation etc…). The adjustable tracking force is another advantage for “unstable” working conditions like for instance in the naval navigation.


  • IP67 sealing
  • 50 mm removable ball
  • Adjustable tracking force
  • Self-draining and flush through options
  • Maintenance free as there are no moving parts except for the ball
  • Withstands impacts on the top of over 20 Joules
  • Mounted on a blackened stainless steel carrier plate
  • Combo PS/2 & USB output


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