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IP68 trackball with scroll wheel

The LTSX50 “Scroll&Roll“ trackball is the worlds’ first waterproof trackball with integrated IP68 scroll wheel. Easy scrolling & rolling throughout your applications, even in the harshest of environments. It’s equipped with a waterproof large 50 mm laser trackball. A removable top ring facilitates the cleaning of ball and ball compartment for use in even the most dusty environments. The use of stainless steel for the various parts ensures the best resistance in salty or greasy environments. Due to its outstanding sealing, its professional style and its industrial robustness, these trackball units are the best suited pointing device for all harsh or hostile environments, indoor and outdoor.
These panel mount types are available with panel mount studs or with holes (for countersunk M4 screw). Further on you can choose for a blank or matte blackened carrier plate. A silicone sponge gasket is included with the module to ensure adequate sealing into the customers’ panel or console and a cover plate on the rear side protects the components. This series is directly plug compatible to PS/2 or USB ports and offers very straight forward mounting and integration.


  • IP68 sealed waterproof trackball
  • 50 mm waterproof laser optical trackball
  • IP68 scroll wheel with click function
  • Stainless steel for the various parts
  • Best resistance in salty or greasy environments.
  • Easy maintenance  – removable ball


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