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Industrial 3 inch OEM touchpad modules

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Utilizing the latest and most advanced touch sensing technology, the TPM Series touchpad module is an extremely high specification pointing device, ideal for the most demanding of cursor control applications. The device provides both conventional X and Y-axis cursor movement with plug-and-play, multi-finger gesture support for enhanced user interaction. The mutual-capacitance based tracking engine combines the benefits of solid state sensing (no moving parts) with the precision, functionality and performance associated with the NSI & Cursor Controls product range. The unit has been designed to be panel mounted as part of OEM keyboards and consoles.


  • 3 inch touchpad module
  • Solid state sensing technology – capacitive touch sensing tracking engine
  • Glass or polyester overlays available
  • Multi-finger gesture support
  • Output: USB & PS/2 (auto-select)
  • Left, middle & right switch input feature
  • Customer defined sealing
  • Custom connector options available


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