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LED Backlit stainless steel trackball

These “Chameleon“ backlit trackballs feature 7-colour illumination of the total ball surface and the mouse button legends. Up to seven different colours can be selected by internal settings on the trackball or by remote dynamic selection via an output connector. For both selection methods, internal or remote, the illumination intensity can be dimmed. The total panel mount unit is sealed to IP65 static and comes with a silicon sponge to seal the carrier plate into the users’ cabinet or console. The output is combo PS/2 & USB with auto-recognition and in both cases the current for the illumination is drained from the mouse ports.
Two basic versions are available :
Black overlay version – Type TCL50F1
With aluminum carrier plate, two short travel switches and dark coloured polyester overlay. Tactile, short travel switches
Stainless steel version – Type TCS50F4
With stainless steel carrier plate and two long travel stainless steel switches. Tactile switches


  • P65 sealed 50 mm trackballs
  • With stainless steel carrier plate and two tactile stainless steel switches.
  • Full backlighting of ball and switches in up to 7 different colours
  • Colors selectable internally (fixed) or remotely (dynamic)
  • Illumination intensity can be dimmed internally (fixed) or remotely (dynamic)
  • Illumination power directly from mouse port, no extra power supply
  • PS/2 & USB combo output


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