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IP65 sealed 50 mm desktop trackball

The TBL50 series is a ruggedised professional trackball. The unit has been specially designed for harsh industrial environment applications : the self-adjusting PTFE seal of the trackerball guarantees an IP65 protection grade. This trackball has a large diameter ball, which make this unit the ideal solution for all applications where accurate pointer control is required. Carrier plates and housing are metal (aluminium and steel).
Panel mount (incl. alu carrier plate, electronics and cable)
Intended for front panel mounting into users’ cabinet or panel with a minimum of required space and mounting depth. Operation of the trackerball is possible at all angles, from horizontal to vertical mounting position. The electronic parts on the backside are protected by a metal cover. A neoprene seal which can be fitted between the carrier and the customers panel, is delivered with each unit.
Dimensions / weight : 108 x 192 x 45 mm / 0,6 kg
The TBL50S1 combines a large diameter ball and a steel enclosure. The “dots” on the front are not functional but contribute to the stylish look of the product.
Dimensions / weight : 118 x 204 x 60 mm / 1 kg


  • IP65 static sealing
  • 50 mm ball diameter for the highest precision in cursor control
  • Self-adjusting PTFE seal of the trackballs
  • Aluminum carrier plates covered by UV hardened, chemical resistant polyester
  • Combo PS/2 & USB output


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