EtherCAT Coupler Module

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  • Exceptional Performance and Fast Communication
    EtherCAT network is different from conventional industrial network. In conventional network, data exchange between each node pair requires at least one message, leading to low bandwidth utilization. In EtherCAT network, messages are read and processed as they pass through a node. If output data is required, it is inserted in the message and transmitted to the next node. iR-ECAT is equipped with a dedicated chip process EtherCAT to fulfill the demand for high speed and high efficiency network for industrial control applications.
  • Flexible Topology
    EtherCAT supports almost any topology: Line, Tree, Star topologies and any combination suitable for the environment. Each iR-ECAT is equipped with two Ethernet ports, which eliminates the need for switches or hubs.
  • Simple and Affordable
    Node ID can be easily configured by using rotary switches, and the unit is ready for use when it is connected to the network using an Ethernet cable, which greatly shortens the time needed for wiring and testing, and also saves manpower, making maintenance easier than ever.
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 7 in





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