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Industrial 6 inch desktop touchpad

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Using years of knowledge/experience gained from developing industrial trackball technology, Cursor Controls Ltd have developed a range of advanced touchpad solutions. The touchpads provide smooth and precise cursor control using the latest and most advanced touch sensing technology and are designed for use in the most extreme environments.
The TPD Series desktop touchpad provides both conventional X and Y-axis cursor movement with plug-and-play, multi-finger gesture support for enhanced user interaction. The mutual-capacitance based tracking engine combines the benefits of solid state sensing (no moving parts) with the precision, functionality and performance associated with the Cursor Controls product range. The design allows for easy cleaning and decontamination, ensuring continued optimum performance and operation under the harshest of conditions. The unit has been designed to be a freestanding desktop device and optimizes desk space when compared to a mouse.


  • Solid state sensing technology – capacitive touch sensing tracking engine
  • IP65 sealed touchpad
  • Easy to clean glass overlay
  • Haptic and audible feedback (function specific)
  • Multi-finger gesture support
  • 8 short cut keys – capacitive touch
  • Smooth operation in rugged environments
  • Wired USB cable provides high reliability and avoids the need for batteries
  • Tolerant to moisture, water and liquid contaminants
  • Custom feature button configurations / overlays available


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