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Numpad and function keyboard – panel mount

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This numpad and function keyboard is built around 36 short travel, tactile feel switches – numeric, function and control keys – and a compact 25mm trackball. The condensed but well defined key layout combined with the use of a compact trackball enables a fast and comfortable access to the most important machine commands and an accurate control of the cursor. Typical applications are navigation control, general machine control, public access terminals, security systems, .. and any applications requiring only a limited number of key functions with easy, fast and comfortable access and control.


  • IP65 sealed keyboard
  • Well defined key layout, tactile feel switches
  • With 25mm industrial IP65 sealed trackball
  • 36 keys, numeric, function and control short travel keys
  • Tactile feel switches with 2.55 N operating force
  • Fast and comfortable access of the most important machine commands


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