VNC Viewer

With VNC viewer, Weintek HMI users will be able to use one HMI viewing another HMI’s screen or a PC which has VNC server installed.


The operators don’t need to prepare a PC and an additional working space to use VNC function viewing the screen of HMI anymore. They can use one HMI to monitor/control HMIs in different stations. The operators on site won’t need to walk through the entire field and improve their working efficiency. Sometimes the operators need to work in some dangerous working field such as oil platform or factories with high voltage and heavy machines. With VNC viewer, the operators can use one HMI which is installed in a safe distance to operate the machines, so the safety of the operators will be improved.

The HMI can also connect to a PC with VNC server installed, so the users can use a HMI to read the documents like operation manuals or use application software which is installed in the PC.
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