Custom pointing device

Call for Price

Let us know your custom needs

Custom designs include a large choice in :

  • Custom front layers (adding your logo, colors, key arrangements…)
  • Type of  pointing device (trackballs, touchpads, joysticks,…)
  • Panel and housing materials (size, color, finishing, etc.)
  • Ball colors
  • Sealing grades up to IP68 sealed
  • Backlit options
  • Output protocols
  • Cabling


  • Flexible custom solutions
  • Also for smaller quantities
  • Low development costs for custom designs
  • 30 years + experience
  • Maintenance free products
  • In house development

We have all the necessary mechanical and electrical design facilities available in order to meet specific customer requirements. What is your application?  A touchpad suited for food applications, medical trackballs,  a pointing device withstanding extreme temperatures,…  Do you need special requirements or a certification for your application or market ?

We can help. Describe your project or ideas in a few words and we will contact you with a noncommittal offer.

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