mTV HMI, an ideal solution for ANDON System

Andon has been widely used in manufacturing plants for instant visual management. With Andon system, alert messages and key productivity indicators from production line can be collected, displayed and monitored in realtime. Weintek’s mTV series, an HMI without touch panel, satisfies the needs of a complicated manufacturing area. With mTV architecture, three specific areas are addressed to enable an effective way to deliver better user experience.

Small HMI Device with Large Display

With HDMI output, Weintek’s mTV series can be used with a wide range of TV/LCD monitors with HDMI interface, offering users the flexibility in the choice of screen size and TV brand, including large screen monitors, which are viewable from a long distance in the plant.

Compact Design & DIN-rail Mountable

Thanks to its small size, Weintek’s mTV can be perfectly fitted in any size of control cabinet and installed in any industrial control environment.


Support for 300+ PLC Protocols

As with its traditional touch screen counterpart, Weintek’s mTV supports over 300 PLC protocols, ensuring effortless connection with PLC or controllers of factory machines. This feature allows you to better arrange an Andon system in a cost-effective way!


Andon System in Action!!

  • Andon system exhibited in SCF in Japan
  • Solution: mTV-100 + HDTV








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