Energy Demand Monitoring

Following the increasing attention being paid to the energy issue in the globe, effective energy management has become more important than ever. Weintek cMT Series HMI supports energy meters that are clearly visualized on the screen, to help your business avoid extra energy costs.


With this new energy management method, you can find out the energy demand from any energy meter you use. Energy demand is calculated according to the total consumed energy in a specified period of time. By setting two parameters, which are Demand Update Frequency and Demand Duration, you can continuously get the updated energy information. Before setting the parameters, please confirm with your power company, in order to set the time intervals correctly. The calculated energy demand, as well as the threshold limits can be viewed from Energy Demand Display object, helping the operator to immediately make decisions.


In EasyBuilder Pro toolbar select Energy then you will find the objects related to Energy Demand Setting.

In General tab you can designate an address to record the accumulative energy consumption and set the parameters for calculating energy demand. If you need more details, please see EasyBuilder Pro User Manual from the link provided below. You can also set two levels of threshold limits, Warning and Alarm, in the Demand Threshold tab and designate two bit addresses for notification purpose.

Energy Demand Display object graphs the result from Energy Demand Settings object at HMI runtime. Energy Demand Display clearly visualizes the changing of energy demand, and is highly customizable. You can customize the grids, texts, and lines to make the display very suitable for your application.

Applicable Models: cMT Series
Built-In Meters: Panasonic Eco-power meter KW1M&KW9M

Other meters can use this object if HMI could read the accumulative energy consumption address. Broadly speaking, this is an expectation model that can be further applied in flow management, including water, sewage treatment and gas.

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