EasyAccess2.0 Push Notification

Keeping up with the on-site situation anywhere and anytime.

Do you always need to arrange operators to keep their eyes on the machines? Have you ever dreamed about machines went wrong, woke up in the nightmare, soaked with sweat and couldn’t sleep at night? Do you wish to receive notifications when the machines have problems no matter where you are? Weintek’s R&D team presents a new feature which allows you to receive notifications from the HMI anywhere and anytime.

Combining EasyAccess2.0’s push notification with HMI’s Event/Alarm can help you immediately receive notifications on smart phones or tablets while you’re having dinner, sleeping, socializing with customers, or even during your vacation. In the era of Industry 4.0, it requires rapidly information. EasyAccess2.0 can always help you shorten response time when encountering situation on-site, and at the same time save cost by reducing on-site manpower.


This feature will help you

  • Monitor the on-site situation 24 hours.
  • When you don’t have enough manpower to monitor your machines all the time.
  • Shorten responding time and quickly handle the situation.


Application Case

In Taiwan, those who live in low-lying regions are suffering from floods. The government agency requires using VNC to monitor the HMI 24 hours, in order to decide when to activate the pumping station.

With EasyAccess2.0 push notification, the agency will no longer need to keep the eyes on the screen all the time, the pumping station can be activated on phones or tablets once receiving push notification.


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Learn more about how to use EasyAccess2.0 for monitoring a plant factory:

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