cMT Gateway G03/G04: The Hassle-Free Bridge to IIoT

Product Introduction

As the wave of IIoT strikes the industry and the value of information gradually gains attention, retrofitting existing systems for IIoT enablement brooks no delay. While cMT Series Gateway: cMT-G01/G02 has been helping a great number of users overcome obstacles related to connecting miscellaneous devices to IIoT, certain reality restrictions, such as insufficient budget, aged equipment, discontinued modules, lost equipment details, or unchangeable software / hardware…,etc, can make it impossible to adopt cMT-G01/G02 as an IIoT solution. To address this issue, Weintek has released new Gateway models: cMT-G03/G04, which can painlessly connect existing devices to IIoT without the need for modifying system architecture, thus eliminating the trouble of updating system, and greatly reducing possible cost incurred by repeated investment.


Equipped with two serial ports (COM) and one Ethernet port (LAN/WAN), cMT-G03 can function as a serial bridge. Simply by connecting COM1:IN with an upper layer device (HMI/SCADA), and COM2:OUT with the existing device (PLC), cMT-G03 bridges the upper layer-to-device connection while being completely transparent to the system and ensures that existing operation is not affected. This is done without the need for an additional serial port on the device.



Equipped with two switches (SW) and one Ethernet port (LAN/WAN), cMT-G04 can function as an Ethernet switch. Simply by connecting the upper layer device (HMI/SCADA) and the exiting device (PLC) with cMT-G04’s SW ports, cMT-G04 bridges the upper layer-to-device connection while being completely transparent to the system and ensures that existing operation is not affected. This is done without the need for an extra industrial Ethernet switch.


In both architectures described above, cMT-G03/G04 can independently communicate with the devices, and convert the protocols to MQTT, OPC UA, and SQL…etc, seamlessly integrating data to IIoT. The drivers supporting bridge connection have been thoroughly tested by Weintek RD Team to ensure stable and reliable communication quality. Inheriting the design concept of cMT-G01/G02, the cMT-G03/04 models are as compact, power-saving, and easy-to-install as its predecessors, and at the same time retain many data analysis functions of an HMI, such as macro, data transfer…etc. In terms of software, cMT-G03/04 supports both EasyBuilder Pro and web setup as its predecessors, making its configuration extremely intuitive and easy.

Apart from the built-in supports for major IIoT protocols, cMT-G03/04 also supports Weintek EasyAccess 2.0, which not only allows remote system access but also provides push notification to mobile devices. With cMT-G03/04 joining the cMT Series Gateway lineup, the cMT Series will be able to assist more users in solving their system upgrade dilemma, by connecting their devices, whether new or legacy ones, to IIoT, which shall bring in incredible values to customer applications.


  • Retain Existing Operation
    Eliminates the trouble of rewiring or buying new equipment, just plug in with the same communication cable, and the system is immediately connected to IIoT while operated in the same way.
  • Built-in Support for MQTT and OPC UA
    Built-in support for MQTT, OPC UA client and server. MQTT supports standard protocol, Amazon AWS IoT, Sparkplug and many other cloud platforms. OPC UA server officially certified for compliance by the OPC Foundation ensures seamless device integration in any application.
  • SQL Database Synchronization
    Supports synchronizing data log and event log to MySQL, MS SQL database server, for IT personnel to access data easily.
  • Web Configuration
    Supports configuration using web browser, making system maintenance an easy task. Available functions include: system settings, OPC UA settings, PLC communication parameter settings, data log and event log browsing.
  • EasyAccess 2.0 and Push Notification
    Supports the powerful remote access service EasyAccess2.0. With its push notification feature, users can receive immediate notification about system status on their portable devices.


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